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Introducing Baru Exchange

We are breaking new ground. Changing the way the online world interacts. You are invited to be a part of the newest online commerce community and social networking platform.

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Joining Early?

Why wait? We launch this summer, but there are countless benefits if you sign up now. Only a small number of pre-launch members have this opportunity - and you can be one of them!

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For the Business & Consumer

We created a network that benefits both the business and consumer: the ultimate online marketplace. Have fun generating revenue, and save on your advertising. The sky's the limit!

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Accessible from Anywhere

You can use Baru Exchange on mobile and desktop platforms. Explore while braving the mountaintops or from the comfort of your own bed. We bring you an online community that is available at your fingertips.

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What is Baru Exchange?

It's a completely new way to generate income, advertise, increase online traffic, and grow sales.

Baru Exchange is beyond a typical social network or advertising vehicle - it breaks new ground in its ability to create compelling value in online activity.
When members become part of our social business network, they are integrated into a community that optimizes their business opportunities and can increase their online presence.

In addition, Baru Exchange will provide all members with specifically-targeted feedback, data and analytics.
These products and services allow members to interact with each other to increase visibility, business networking and ultimately sales.

Why Do I Need Baru Exchange?

1. Baru Exchange offers its members a platform to advertise their website / media, build connections through our social networking feature, increase sales through participating, and make money for signing up new members.

2. Members can utilize our dashboard to completely control their online exposure, access their feedback and analytics, message members in the community, track their affiliates, manage ViewPoints, and access the community directory – all from a smart phone, tablet or desktop.

3. We provide any willing individual with the ability to increase income and better their lives financially, professionally and personally.

It all starts with success.

Every feature of Baru Exchange will help an individual / business succeed in this ever-competitive world. Members can procure traffic generation, analytics, advertisement space on our homepage and app, website analyst, specifically-targeted feedback, and Baru Exchange-specific promotional and motivational materials. Members use ViewPoints to purchase these services.

Find Out Who Can Benefit

We are looking for individuals who want to better their lives by being a part of a community that helps them succeed, whether in business, their personal lives, financially, or motivationally.

Our community can help people in all aspects of life. Most importantly, our company is built on a positive uplifting message, and we want to spread that message to all of our members and provide them with the tools to succeed. The Baru Exchange Community most benefits e-commerce, brick and mortar businesses, home-based businesses, and individuals with a website / media / product they want to promote / sell, making money by doing so.

We are also searching for individuals who want to earn residual income by sponsoring new members and participating in reviewing media on BaruPlay.


Sign up create a profile - Answer a few questions - Purchase ViewPoints

ViewPoints are one dollar each, and are the currency used to purchase goods and services on Baru Exchange.


Your website, media, product or service will be placed on BaruPlay, and our members can help you drastically improve results and overall sales. Exposure Matters!

BaruPlay is a collective playlist with all community members' websites that allows members to view a site and then answer a simple survey.


Access BaruPlay at your own convenience, and review other member sites.

It is quick, easy and fun.

Just a few minutes out of the day, whenever, wherever you decide - that is all it takes to participate.

Baru Exchange Features

Advertising Exchange

You have the ability to network, exchange and trade advertising space freely with other members

Data Analytics

When feedback is given, we add value by giving you easy-to-understand and meaningful reports based on analysis of Big Data about your target market.

Traffic Generation

You can increase traffic to your site via BaruPlay - simply purchase ViewPoints and watch potential customers flow in


Connect with other members and communicate with no hassle using out internal messaging system


Explore our online marketplace, review and give feedback of our members’ websites

Increase Sales

Want to save some money or earn more income? You can by participating on BaruPlay and selling Baru Exchange products and services.

Social Networking

It's simple. Connect, share, communicate, collaborate and exchange. Only with Baru Exchange, do it in a whole new way.

Lower Overhead

We offer a flat rate for online advertising. No contracts. No quotas. No minimum.

Coming Soon!

Benefits of Baru Analytics

Marketing has evolved tremendously over the years, largely because technology has enabled it to reach either a bigger audience or a more specific, targeted audience. Baru Exchange can help businesses reach audiences at much faster speeds and lower costs than more traditional advertising methods.

Simply having an online presence and using the right keywords will drive search engine users to a website. Unfortunately, this has a side effect: more brands than ever are competing for online consumers' attention. That makes it even harder for businesses to ensure a memorable and impactful encounter with potential customers.

Marketing analytics used in conjunction with big data will help many website owners properly evaluate their marketing performance, gain insight into their clients' purchasing habits, market trends and needs and make evidence-based marketing decisions.

To that end, today's marketing departments face many challenges. Organizations are still identifying methods to make their products more customer- and market-driven, while businesses are pressured to drive more qualified leads to their sales teams and to work with product development to ensure they're delivering the products and services clients are asking for.

Addressing these issues requires a creative strategy and a platform that makes it easier to close the gap with the competition, increase brand awareness and reach customers at the right time. That platform is Baru Exchange.

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Why are you called Baru Exchange?

Baru Exchange began as a way to help the community. As the original founders collaborated, they created an innovative, groundbreaking advertising and marketing system that brought profit to the everyday online user. This idea was overdue to explode...

This is why we have picked the named Baru. This volcano, located in the heart of Panama, epitomizes the same explosive growth of our product and the opportunity for our members.

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